stone county ms wiggins fire deptStation Address:   
140 North Magnolia Drive
Wiggins MS 39577 

Fire Chief: Jody Hatten
Assistant Chief:  Allen Hatten

Contact Information:
Fire Chief Contact Phone: 601-928-5446
Station Phone: 601-928-5446
Station Fax: 601-928-5447

Rating: Class 6 Fire Insurance Rating

Goals Objectives –The Wiggins Fire Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the citizen that travel through and live in our community.  We strive to protect and educate everyone in fire safety and support the growth and development of our community.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer:

Meeting Date:  Second Tuesday of every month

Training Date:  Every Tuesday of the month and scheduled training as needed.

stone county ms wiggins fire dept
Wiggins Fire Department District Map

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