silver run vfd stone countyStation Address:
1071 Ridge Road
Perkinston, MS 39573 

Fire Chief: Ian Schairer 
Assistant Chief: Chester “Dusty” Rhodes 

Contact Information:
Fire Chief Contact Phone: 228-326-0845 
Station Phone: 601-928-4380 
Station Email:

Goals Objectives: Ultimately Preservation of Life and Property and in order to better accomplish this goal we need to increase membership and continue to train working towards lowering the insurance in our response area to a Class 8. This would save the residents approximately 40% in their insurance premiums. Our equipment currently meets the required standards but, we are lacking in members.

Rating: Class 10 Fire Insurance Rating

Meeting Dates: 1st Sunday of the Month at 7:00 PM

silver run vfd stone county ms
Silver Run VFD District Map

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